Bon ben ca c’est du Nom de DJ!

Mix du jeudi c’est parti! Attention si t’écoutes ce mix au bord de la piscine avec tes amis c’est mieux! Mais si t’es au bureau c’est bien aussi! Fais gaffe que ton boss se mette pas tout nu pour danser sur son bur’!

Alors c’est qui ce DJ au nom improbable? j’ai envie de te dire NO LO SE! Par contre j’aime bien ces enchainements! c’est un vrai mix House comme j’aime ca envoie au fur et à mesure!

Bref que du Bon… je te laisse en juger par toi même! Va sur son Soundcloud ca vaut le coup!

HNQO – DJ Mag Exclusive Mix [04.13] by Mix Feed on Mixcloud

C’est qui HNQO ?

In Curitiba, Brazil, the days are warm, and the nights are long. On the streets of this town, boys become men, and souls are both lost and found. No one knows this better than the artist known as HNQO. As a famed breakdancer in his youth, he went in search of himself, with little more than a dream and the voices of Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash to guide him.
Before long, he was dexterously layering hi hats onto groovy house beats, and chopping hip-hop vocals with a soft but menacing touch. His music takes hold of you from collar to knee, with cheeky hooks and infectious rhythms. More than a musician, HNQO is an interpreter of the past, fusing elements of hip hop, jazz, and other genres into his very own style of deep house grooves.
Today HNQO (or Henrique as he is known to friends) is one of the fastest rising young stars in the deep house and indie dance scene. Years of hard work are already behind this young musician, who got his start throwing parties in Curitiba. Young people in search of new musical horizons flocked to these gatherings, and eventually some of dance music’s hottest acts found themselves sharing the decks with this ever present, ever humble artist.
Thanks to these successes, HNQO was discovered by the inimitable Russ Yallop, and his tracks are forthcoming on Hot Creations amongst other labels. Additionally, HNQO’s own imprint, Playperview, is seeing international success. Why? Because the energy and infectious joy of this young talent permeates everything he does, from his buoyant productions, full of underground and dancefloor appeal, to his bass shaking live sets.
HNQO brings funk, soul, and a full dose of realness to his musical prowess. With standout EPs behind him and a slew of hits yet to come, he stands ready to embrace the world.

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