Ola les copains! C’est l’heure du Son sur FPTS!

Un mix bien HOUSE pour pas changer parce que j’aime vraiment ça! Un truc qui tape bien, qui  met grave la pêche…Et si ce mix t’as plu et que tu es extrèmement sage la semaine prochaine on s’écoutera la Part 1 qui est pas mal du tout aussi!!

Monte les watts c’est parti! Tous les enchainements sont parfaitement maitrisés (c’est juste terrible!) bref : Perfect!

Un dj qui nous vient de Tokyo (ça nous change de Berlin nan ?) : Satoshi Fumi. A suivre de très près!



01. Roland Klinkenberg – Kindred Spirits (Original Mix) – [Everysoul]
02. Master H – A2 Do UR Thang! (Dub) – [Komplex De Deep]
03. Sezer Uysal pres. Spennu – Je Te Veux (Satoshi Fumi Remix) – [Savoir Faire]
04. Farrin Collins & Thorsten Hammer – Hemisphere (Original Mix) – [Ametist]
05. Pieper & Kappetijn – Eagle Turns (Iori Wakasa Remix)- [EMBI]
06. ID – ID
07. Diedier Largemain – Bisbalboom (OWL aka Satoshi Fumi Remix) – [Street King]
08. Surgeon – The Power of Doubt ? [iK7]
09. Hideo Kobayashi – 03 Bamboo Shoot Soup – [Apt. International]
10. Funk D’ Void & Nir Shoshani – Forest Of The Unreal (Original Mix) – [Outpost]
11. Pig & Dan – Lone Ranger (Steve Parker Remix) – [Soma]
12. Todd Terry pres. House Of Gypsies – Samba (Satoshi Fumi Remix) – [InHouse]

C’est qui Satoshi Fumi ?

He started to collect a set of synthesizers, rapidly building a home studio and experimenting with his own material along the way. This evolution marked the start of his career in dance music. During the mid-1990’s, he grew interested in the Detroit, Chicago and New York house movements. He absorbed and digested the different sounds of electronic music throughout that period, helping him to shape, develop and influence his own unique style. Satoshi’s production skills have matured enough today, allowing him the freedom to create, and as a DJ, to mix a variety of dance music styles together such as Techno, House, Click and Acid.

For Satoshi, the opportunity of his lifetime as a producer arrived in 2002 when DC duo Deep Dish picked up his track “Protlex” and released it on their Yoshitoshi Recordings under the slight name change Satoshi Fume. The “Dub Beatlex” mix was licensed to Desyn Masiello that year for his Symphonic (DJ Magazine) compilation and also appeared on Phil K’s Balance 004 (EQ / Stomp) mix.

He is an extremely versatile artist and is always involved in many projects at the same time. Owl:He makes deeply and clicky tech house sounds,Deptech:blends atmospheric house with tough techno elements,and Elektron:mixes sensual sequence with electro house grooves.

Satoshi possesses a rich imagination, and will continue to be a prolific producer across many musical styles and building a strong discography the entire time as a result.

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Jeudi electro c’est parti pour une heure de mix dans ton casque, ton ordi, ton ampli… Ce matin j’ai choisi un mix bien groove, qui l’air de rien envoie tranquillement mais sûrement!

Je te propose ton ami pour la vie : KORRUPTOR! Parce qu’il est dans ton corps… Si si tu verras y’a des moments ou ton bassin devrait bouger sans que tu t’en rendes vraiment compte!

Aller go pour du bon son comme je l’aime! Bon mix et fais moi un retour sur ce que t’ as ressenti!


FEEL Ableton, March 2012 by Gareth Noyce (Korruptor)



Motus (Monaque Remix), Moonbeam, Monaque [Fever Sound Records]
Way of Life (Cosmic Cowboys Remix),Ken Hayakawa, Cosmic Cowboys [Tretmuehle]
Soul Motion (&ME), &ME, Magit Cacoon, Nunu [Girl Scout]
Krokai, Cosmic Cowboys [Back And Forth]
Not Of This Reality (Henry Saiz ‘Psicofonic Invocation’ Mix) Henry Saiz, Borealis [Origami Sound]
Random Erotica, Phonogenic [Stanch Records]
Symphonik Static (Chris Fortier 40oz Remix) Chris Fortier, Code Talkers [Olaris Records]
Pontiac (Chief Edit) Extrawelt [Cocoon Recordings]
Moxis Sickness, Carlo Lio, Coyu [Noir Music]
Sundrop (Wareika Remix)Wareika, Soukie, Windish [Recovery Tech]


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Bon mix !