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Hello les minimalistes! Un mix tout frais tout bien pour se mettre du baume au coeur vu le temps d’aujourd’hui!!


A télécharger ici

J’aime bien, c’est cool en même temps parfois c’est assez psychédélique! Ca t’emmène, ça fait des répétitions… je te laisse découvrir!

À la 16 minutes ça commence à bien déménager… pousse tes meubles et monte le son c’est parti pour une heure de bonheur dans tes oreilles!


C’est qui Darin Epsilon ?

The story of how Darin discovered his passion for playing music in front of a crowd begins as early as age seven. Armed with only two portable CD players and an amp, his first gigs were rough and crude mixes of early Hip House and classic 90’s dance hits at summer camp parties. Year after year, like a mad addiction, he would spend all his available free time searching for the best possible records he could lay his hands on, only to return the next summer to introduce friends to his newest and latest craze.

Now in his early twenties, that attitude has hardly changed. During a typical set, Darin enjoys playing the freshest cuts in Progressive House, Tribal, Breaks, Techno, Tech-House, and Trance. Presently, Darin hosts Radioactivity (info) on WPGU 107.1 FM. Based in central-east Illinois, the show has grown to become one of the most successful radio shows for Electronic dance in the midwest, featuring weekly ticket giveaways and exclusive interviews with such internationally renowned DJs and producers as Sasha, Karl Hyde of Underworld, Uberzone, and Rennie Pilgrem. The radio allows Darin to express his true love for all genres of Electronic music. His tastemaking abilities have also earned him a place in the US CD Pool (info).

Darin continues to work hard and push himself towards becoming a world-class DJ and producer. By the end of 2004 he will have played locations all over the central US. He is also in the process of wrapping up a number of original productions. With his strong background in music and high ambitions for success, he hopes to someday leave his mark on the world.

Growing up, Darin was always a fan of Naveen G’s Culture Shock program on WNUR 89.3 FM in Chicago. Each week the show would introduce its audience to the newest and most far-reaching sounds of the moment. On one articularly quiet evening in December, Naveen showcased his favorite ten Trance records of 1999. From the moment Bedrock’s Heaven Scent lit the airwaves, Darin’s immediate reaction was to grab a blank cassette and record the entire program. Awestruck by other such timeless classics as Veracocha’s Carte Blanche, Sasha’s Xpander, Nemo’s Spacemaker, and Breeder’s Twilo Thunder, Darin spent the next several weeks listening to the tape from beginning to end, on one occasion even looping the tape for four hours straight. From that day forth, he understood the power and spiritual meaning of sharing music with others.

The pseudonym Darin Epsilon is a combination of the word ‘daring’ and the greek symbol representing the pet name for Ecstacy. The idea behind this comes from a Keoki quote in the rave documentary Better Living through Circuitry. In it, the notorious DJ dares his audience to listen to dance music while under the influence, with the intent of proving there is no greater sensation that exists than in collectively experiencing great music together.



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Bon mix!